How to report your crossing

We are more than happy to receive reports on Lyke Wake crossings – preferably humorous. These reports are often quoted at Wakes as warnings to others! Crossings should be reported by email to

We may post extracts from these reports on this website unless you tell us that you don’t want us to. We will usually give your name and rough location (eg Southampton, Northumberland or Japan). If you would prefer us just to give your initials, or to remain anonymous, please say so. We will not publish your email address.

Have you seen this man wandering the moors?

Gerry Orchard

Gerry Orchard

Many times people have asked Lyke Wake Club secretary Gerry Orchard how many Lyke Wake crossings he has done – He says “I have to give the same old answer…………… I don’t actually know. I know it is well over 160 and possibly as high as 200.”

So Gerry has launched an appeal (and no, it does not involve giving him money…). If you have done a crosssing with him, please get in touch. More details here.

During 2013, Gerry Orchard completed a crossing of the Lyke Wake walk in each month of the year. The January and February crossings he described as “interesting” in his report made when he was ¾ of the way through the challenge.