Crossing 02nd/03rd July 2021.

Dear Lyke Wake Walk Club,

I am delighted to report a crossing, completed by the following:

Paul Collings
Simon Mew
Natalie Broomfield
Scott Wadlow
Rupert Mingay
Mark Stride
Alastair Gunn
Ed Dutton
Christina Kish
Chris Daniels

We left the LWW stone near Sheepwash at 10.15am on Friday 2 July.


We arrived at the Lion at 6.15pm.

We arrived at the LWW stone at Ravenscar at 7.15am on Saturday 3 July, and the Raven Hall Hotel at 8am.


Weather was generally good. Just a few spots of rain on the whole crossing.


We are all staff or former staff of Standard Chartered Bank, raising money for charity. We raised £7000 for “futuremakers”, to help disadvantaged young people.

In true Academy Award speech style:

Thanks to Glynis & Richard (Chris’s mum + dad) for bringing copious supplies of drugs and things to the start and to the Lion.

Big shout out to Paul “Collin” Collings for the excellent organisational.

Ms Broomfield and Ms Kish have requested use of the title “Dirger” (rather than Witch) in the interests of gender equality.

Best wishes,
Chris Daniels