Crossing Report (West to East) – Friday 9th / 10thOctober

6 knees and 30 toes started – 5 knees and 28 toes finished

The Dirgers are –

Andrew Laird
Warren Mayers

The Witches are –

Michelle Cruikshank

Having seen an aborted crossing in February due to weather and another planned crossing early June abandoned due to lockdown restrictions, finally managed to arrange a smaller group crossing this weekend going west to east with a couple of first timers Warren & Michelle.

We planned to set off around midnight to land us around the bog stage with some early morning light. Providing us a moderate chance of getting ‘less’ wet. But In the spirit of foolhardiness changed this last minute and set off at 8pm allowing us to fully experience the wonders of the bog in all its glory going knee deep in a couple of places.

Pace was decent from Osmotherley to Blakey but slowed over the bog and then again after the stepping stones with some minor injuries. Still pushing on over some extremely squishy ground we arrived at the stone around 1pm..

Some very changeable weather towards the end but overall largely favourable overall along with some truly stunning views along the way..

Andrew Laird