Sludge and Christmas Trees: Dean Owens

First 10 mile didn’t enjoy driving wind rain into the side of our heads got lost on the Wainstones nearly died.
Dried off at our pit stop on Clay Bank. In good spirits – head torches on and up Urra Moor. We enjoyed that bit then the sheep’s eyes flashing at us got me pappy and them little raptor birds attacking us.
The long desolate train track was enjoyable able to walk together and have a craic. Get to Blakey; strip off, food, drink, vaseline our thighs then the next few mile very enjoyable bouncing on that moss lovely for our feet and both having a laugh. Hit the blue marsh on the map that’s when it took a turn for the worst dropping into knee high bog feet squelching for miles wading through shite.
Seen another few lads doing the walk who had the tunes on which give us the idea to put some on which lifted spirits bit of Jlo and after 7 miles of sludge and Christmas trees we had our final and my favourite pit stop. Fresh socks, dry our boots & another bailey concoction of sudocrem vaseline and talc and we were off again. In good spirits for another mile or so until we hit the head high heather after both going arse over tit we where finally at the bottom crossed the stepping stones then both went ankle deep into a stream which annoyed us so wet feet for the remainder of the trip.
After squelching up the ravine we got to the RAF base where it sticks you on a path makes you come off the path through moss bog and shite only to put you back on the path. We finally see the mast in the distance. 5 miles to go – the path is never ending the mast looks like a mirage then after a few miles we notice the final ravine both our hearts sunk managing to get down and back up it we where on the home straight and managed to make it to the finish line but not content with that we walked another 1.5 mile to the pub.
Absolute killer of a walk but an amazing sense of achievement after it.
Dean and Lee started at 20:00 on the 14/07/23 and completed the walk in 17hrs 50 mins