Report of crossings of Lyke Wake Walk

Gene Robinson 30th crossing.
Martin Robinson 2nd crossing.

Depart Ravenscar 8.11 pm Friday 6th July 2018.
Arrive Scarth Wood Moor 7.20pm Saturday 7th July 2018.
Total time 23 hours 9 minutes.
Total walking time 15 hours 13 minutes.

Three support stops.
Ellerbeck Bridge about 5 hours including 3-4 hours sleep.
Ralph Cross and Clay Bank Top between 1 and 1½ hours each.
Shorter rests along the way.

Weather and conditions excellent.

From August 1963 I (GR) walked Lyke Wake Walk regularly and by September 1980 had crossed 27 times. Thereafter (for various reasons.) crossings 28 and 29 didn’t come until 1990 and 1999 respectively and until this year I had not dirged in the 21st century/3rd millennium.
Lyke Wake lure lurked on though and when I recently decided to give it another (final?) go I thought I’d wait until reaching 75 years of youth, (which I did 11-2-18)
Son Martin had crossed with me in 1999. He’d come with me again.
Weather was perfect, hot after half way and there wasn’t a bog in sight. My driest crossing without doubt, (or should that be drought?)
There are seven OS triangulation pillars on or near the route. Martin and I visited them all. The one on Botton Head is easily included, although many bypass, Simon Howe requires a short but deliberate detour as does Loose Howe. This one is in a sorry state and is not only leaning, but sinking. We all know the feeling, but the flush bracket here is only just accessible.
The tester though is Louven Howe, which needs not just a detour but the determination not to allow Lilla Howe to be neglected in its stead. Lilla is a Lyke Wake highlight. Lilla must not be missed.
Would it be daft to suggest that the Lyke Wake Club take these (magnificent) seven under its wing? “Do” them up a bit, give ‘em a lick of paint. Don’t know what OS might say but modern technology has consigned these stones to history, there to join an illustrious band stretching from one end of the walk to the other.

Lyke Wake Triangulation Pillar Numbers

Scarth Wood Moor S4413
Carlton Bank S4421
Botton Head (Round Hill) 2988
Loose Howe 2955
Simon Howe S4370
Louven Howe S4392
Beacon Howes S1521

Gene Robinson 30 crossings (17 west-east)
Martin Robinson 2 crossings (1 west-east)