Same Time Next Year: David Wood

Crossing 20th/21st June 2024

Damien and myself aided and abetted by Mark as CQMS for the duration( above his normal rank but he likes the title) set off from Osmotherley at 22:30  and yes it was dark.

Moving through the first few miles head torches blazing we managed to hit the first check point having to wake Mark up to get a brew on. Moving on still in darkness we were able to click down the miles at a reasonable pace and once daylight appeared it dawned on the both of us what a daunting task ahead we had.

The Bloworth crossing leg we both thought was a real morale killer, questionable the actual miles it was. Hitting the pub and round Fat Betty we met up with Mark who was actually vertical this time we enjoyed the pre-prepared food made by Lesley my much better half. Trying to avoid the inevitable, i.e. the bog we set of again praying it wasn’t too wet. The bog came and went uneventfully – just the tired legs were growling but a rest wasn’t possible. The sun turned itself on and chose the highest setting, burned skin within minutes but medical aid unavailable it was carry on regardless.

Ralph’s Cross to Hamer House, Rosedale moor (Boggy) to Blue Man I th’ Moss just added to the pain, the sunburn but the determination wasn’t deteriorating (much).

So not to prolong the reader’s agony I’ll skip a few miles. Lilla Cross standing proud and the MOD shed good landmarks to see but only added to the realisation still a few miles to go.

At the end with Mark’s face wanting us to suffer more it was all over, finally 19hrs later (including breaks) we had made it. It’s not the hardest thing I’ve ever done but at 64 years and six months it was up there.
Same time next year was the last I heard before a well deserved deep sleep.

David Wood
Damien Hines
Mark Hayes
Lesley (the better half)