Unsupported Crossing : 22nd July 2018

My sister and I took on the LWW at the weekend meeting up for a girlie weekend away. Here’s our report!

Our Lyke Wake Walk in stats (aka. The Walk Mostly Fuelled by Hula Hoops and Sheer Bloody Mindedness).

Crossing date: 22nd July 2018
Number attempting and completing: 2 humans (sisters) and 1 dog (Milly)… unsupported.
Forecast temperature: high of 21 degrees C (never, ever trust the forecast).
Actual lowest temperature: 22 degrees C (early morning and evening).
Actual highest temperature: 27 degrees C (most of the day, in fact it felt like the whole day).
Breeze: non-existent (although there were fleeting moments of hope).
Number of times we were relieved we’d packed our waterproofs: minus 10
Litres of factor 50 required: Oh a lot (we’ll both burn to a crisp at the slightest sign of sun).
Litres of water: started with 6, re-filled at The Lion Inn where we stopped for a bite to eat and some fizzy pop! Milly drank from streams where they weren’t dried out. For the last 10 miles we were rationing to make sure she had plenty (everything was dried out).
Number of bags of Hula Hoops consumed: 6.
Number of jelly beans consumed: at least 1000.
Number of Druid’s seen rambling about: 1 !!!???!!!
Number of other people seen walking on the route: 7 in total!!??!
Number of times calling a taxi was discussed: lost count.
Number of blisters: 3 little ones at the mid-way point, 4 at the end (basically 4 big foot shaped blisters and yep our boots were well worn in and do fit properly).
Number of times we were relieved we had an OS map, compass, GPS and that one of us was a member of Search and Rescue: many, very, very many.
Time walking: 14 hrs 25 mins
Number of miles walked: 42 (plus a bit to get back to base) for humans, probably twice that for Milly!
Number of sunsets watched post walk with prosecco: 1.
Preparation the night before: 1 DIY spa facial and Pimms, 3 course meal and 10pm to sleep. The facial really, really helped!?!
Number of calories burned during the walk: 6000.
Number of calories consumed after the walk: quite a lot more than 6000.
Number of sore, slightly broken (but chuffed) people at the end: 2
Number of sore, slightly broken dogs at the end: 0

If we were doing it again we’d be tempted to stash some supplies at a couple of the later checkpoints!

Best wishes,

Joanne(Northumberland), Angela (Cornwall)


……………………………………………………………….They defied the Eagle Owl !