Crossing 12th June 2021.

Hi there,

I would like to report 2 new members following our crossing on the 12th of June;

We left Cote Ghyll Mill just after 4am and arrived / finished just after 8pm. We crossed unsupported but would like to thank the support team from Scarborough College who provided much needed additional water as the afternoon warmed up, as well as the unnamed lady who took pity on us and gave us a lift from the finish down to the Raven Hall Hotel. It wasn’t difficult to appear in need of a lift.

We may not have been the oldest crossing on the day, being 54 & 58 respectively, but I am pretty sure we were the heaviest, both comfortably exceeding 120 kilos, never mind our sandwiches.

It is fair to say that we suffered; sore feet receiving temporary relief on the springy section across Glaisdale Moor – unfortunately short lived unlike the Fylingdales building which seemed to be ahead of us forever and like the mast at Beacon Howes never seeming to get closer.

One other group were crossing for their second year in a row; our initial view was that once was enough but a couple of weeks (and sherries) later and who knows?

Richard Smith
Kris Hopkins