Successful Crossing 24/25th June 2016

Allan Campbell, Graham Hooks, Alan Whittel and myself completed the walk on Saturday 25th June.

My wife and Alan’s son dropped us at Osmotherley, they then drove to Ravenscar and left us a car to use when we finished. Other than a little water Alan had previously stashed 30ish miles into the walk we were on our own and carrying everything we needed.

So at 7:30pm on Friday evening we set off, onwards and upwards and there did seem to be an awful lot of upwards.

The weather was excellent, a light breeze, no rain and great visibility, we stopped on Carlton Bank for a bite to eat and another breather on Cringle moor, before we knew it we had reached the disused railway and were treat to a spectacular red moon for most of the journey. If you haven’t walked through the night you have to try it.

Even the boggy section was kind to us, the combination of our head torches and the light sky allowed Alan, our navigator, to pick his way unerringly through the miles of moss, reeds and muck.

Our stop at Wheeldale Beck was short lived, the scenery was great but the resident midges are ferocious, so we set off again and had a long stop near Ella Bridge where Allan ‘whipped’ out a gas stove and made the best brew I have had in my life.

We arrived at the finish stone, tired and with one or two injuries but exhilarated, it had taken 16 hours and 37 minutes, but it was well worth the effort.

We obviously celebrated this effort by consuming copious quantities of larger and beer in Scarborough that same evening. (Would highly recommend the walk and the compulsory night out afterwards)

Charles Ward

West Yorkshire