Crossing Report 02nd June 2020 Self Isolation on the Lyke Wake Walk

Boris, he say GO! ………so I went. Now we can exercise as long as we want each day, I crossed in 17 hours on June 3rd. The high regions of North Yorkshire Moors are the ideal place to self-isolate. To re-quote a crossing report from a couple of years ago – “Not A Soul Did I See!” ( ). Doubt I came within a mile of anyone on the whole bash. The route is very dry at the moment almost as dry as the summer of 2018 with only a couple of damp patches near Loose Howe and South Flat Howe. For anyone crossing in the future there are now two new ‘landmarks’ on the route to look out for but I won’t spoil the surprise for you!!
Being alone for the day gave me some thinking time & the following description of a Yorkshire ‘Tramper’ sprung up from the depths of my memory.
Let us give thanks for:
Our eyes and ears, and feet and hands;
Our thick thighs and calves;
Our stout knees and flexible toes;
Our tough soles and ankles;
Our strong strides and large hearts;
Our willing lungs and broad backs;
Our minds and our swelling chests;
Our vigorous voices, our rhythm and our rhymes;
Our Laughter.

Thank you for every bone and fibre,
For every faculty and attribute of our bodies,
And, above all, for our Souls.

It was written by the Yorkshire author Alfred J Brown in the 1920s but might equally might apply to any Lyke Wake Walker:

Dirger Evans

Blimey, Have I really walked that slowly ?
Lyke wake Blues ?
Lilla in the Sun!
Lost Sole ( ? ) on Wheeldale Moor