“Good Friday” Crossing report – Paddy “The Axe” Hinton


I would humbly like to report that I Paddy (the Axe) Hinton, made an unsupported stone to stone crossing on 2nd April 2010, Good Friday an appropriate day if it is to be said as a day to do the Lyke Wake Walk.

At 4.45am we stood at the westerly end of the walk, the moon glistening over the lake, shadowy trees , wispy clouds and stars a perfect start to a very painful day. The Cleveland way was stunning if we could of seen it through the low cloud. A brief glimpse of the sun just after dawn sent shafts of light on to my trusty companion, lighting the hills and low clouds. Well that’s the highlights.

10 miles yea that’s ok , the old railway line in the fog that’s passable, doesn’t half go on though especially when you can’t see where you’re going. Frog spawn that’s what really springs to mind. When you get to 20ish you are glad its lunch time, get off those legs. The Lion was tempting the smell of cooking just wafts over as we got there, but a bit further earlier is a bit less later. We did wonder why anyone would need supporting, it wasn’t so bad.

The next 10.mmmmmmmm  Could have been worse, mud, stones, heather and people setting fire to heather. There was some heather and a bit more mud, followed by mud and heather. Its at this point Eccles and Bluebottle joined our conversation. “He’s fallen in the water”.

Oh look I cried, more heather. Details start to become dim about now Longer periods of silence and dark thoughts. Will my legs really fall off. The slope down to the stepping stones is an ow! moment. Stop for more food now or just do another mile or so. “STUPID, STUPID STUPID, idea. whose was it?”

AH. “a steam train ,a steam train,pissh-t-cuff,pissh-t-tcuff” , Ivor the engine and Idris the dragon get us another mile. That sheep is looking at me, do you think its part of the secret security cameras at Fylingdales. The conversation was getting a bit odd by now. Food IS a marvellous thing.

The last bit, the question on our lips who is the mysterious man going the other way, or is he just leaving foot prints of pyramid studs while walking backwards to confuse us. Oh look more heather, stones and mud. And just for fun rain. Again “STUPID, STUPID STUPID idea. whose was it?”. Legs no longer work, The last 4 miles were just murder. Absolute hateful murder. OH look another gully, one foot in front of painful other foot.

The endorphins coming up the other side though, whoopie, hit the main road, head torch on , more rain, emergency reserve hit the Kendal  mint cake. The last bit, it is there you just don’t know how far it goes on for ever.

20.45hrs  16hours after starting the LWW. arrive. Want Gin and Tonic.

1 day later never do it again. 3 days later might.



Hi Paddy,

Congratulations on getting across. Firstly, I must reveal that I was the torturer who laid down pyramidical studs ( A very old pair of ETA fell running shoes ) from Ravenscar to Osmotherley. I am trying to work out where we must have passed – somewhere near Rosedale Head would fit the bill. I was in blue shorts and shirt, covered in mud up to my waist and had adopted a somewhat stern expression after having been “smoked out” over the Western side of the bogs ( had the smoke been any denser, a compass would have been required ) – delirium was also setting in by then. Mind you, as my food at that time was somewhat low, I would have viewed your drowned  Bluebottle as much needed protein.

All the best,