Crossing 01st May 2021

Freddie Overton, Joseph Holloway, Kit Elliott and William Rigg completed a west-east crossing to become Dirgers on 1st May 2021.

After an early drive from Whitby, the group departed from the Osmotherley Car Park at 06:10 and headed up into the moors. The weather was glorious – approximately 2C as the sun continued its rise into the sky. Jack Frost had visited overnight and there was a light mist hanging in the valleys. Going was good to firm, firm in places and the group enjoyed some of the early KMs. Apart from some very light hail, weather remained pretty decent with intermittent clouds and light-medium winds.

It was the group’s first attempt at such a walk and the initial ascents/descents did take their toll by the time of the railway track path. Readers should be aware of an emboldened baby lamb around Farndale Moore – it came right up to us expecting us to have milk!

After a brief packed lunch at the Red Lion, the group headed east over Rosedale moor. A grass snake was spotted, many grouse were scared away and the legs became ever more tired. The path was firm under foot with only intermittent bogs to cross – certainly a result of the low rainfall of late.
The sun got lower in the sky and with it the temperatures dropped back to about 2C. It was a stunning evening as the clouds dispersed to leave a pure Yorkshire sky visible. The group completed, touching the finishing stone at 22:30.

4 very tired but successful Dirgers who consider themselves very lucky for a good weather crossing.