Ian Evans : Crossings Summary Report 2015 – 10 out of 10

Crossings Summary Report 2015 – 10 out of 10
In 2015 the esteemed ‘Senile Centenarian’, Gerry Orchard, set himself the task of crossing at least once every month during that calendar year and he was successful, 12 out of 12 (links: http://lykewake.org/reports/?m=201401, http://lykewake.org/reports/?p=83 ). At the beginning of this year I had only one Lyke Wake ambition, to complete a winter Crossing, so that at some point in the future I can progress through the Lyke Wake hierarchy when I will present a thesis at a Wake and be engloomed as a fully qualified Doctor of Dolefulness (still to happen). However, I somehow got the Lyke Wake bit between my teeth this year as a result of practising for the 60th Anniversary & the Radio4 Crossings. So without planning it as such, I’ve ended up doing a Crossing each month from February through to November. 10 out of 10 but, sorry, that’s me done for the time being: I won’t be attempting to emulate Gerry’s astonishing 12 out of 12.


26th/27th Feb 15 W->E 15hrs Winter Crossing. Lots of snow, particularly on ‘Frontline’, Urra Moor, & in railway cuttings. Classic Route.

30th/31st Mar 15 W->E 16.5hrs Extremely wet & very windy crossing – took 4.5 hrs to get from trig point to Hagg Gate. Fell over/ got blown over at least half dozen times in first ten miles. Paths up to Live Moor and down from Carlton & Cringle Moors like waterfalls. Stepping stones submerged. Classic Route.

17th/18th Apr 15 W->E 15hrs 1st half very misty. V. cold & frosty. Trough House/Glaisdale Head variation.

21st/22nd May 15 W->E 23.75hrs Radio 4 ‘Ramblings’ crossing. Got buzzed by Army Apache helicopter on railway (twice). Start & finish at Hagg Gate. Classic Route.
LINK http://lykewake.org/reports/?p=270#comments

10th/11th Jun 15 W->E 13hrs Classic Route.

21st/22nd July 15 W->E 14hrs Classic Route.

6th/7th Aug 15 W->E 15hrs Scugdale, Stony Wicks, Chop Gate start.

2nd/3rd Sept 15 W->E 14.5hrs Classic Route. Very wet.

1ST/2ND Oct 15 W->E 20hrs 60th Anniversary Crossing. Miners Track start. Slept on bridge over Jugger Howe Beck. Helwath/Pye Howe Rigg finish. 13 ½ hrs walking.
LINK: http://lykewake.org/reports/?p=297#comments

6th/7th Nov 15 E->W 17hrs Classic Route. Extremely wet crossing. Stepping stones submerged. Ellerbeck section – like a paddling pool, Wheeldale Moor – like a swimming pool; Rosedale Moor – not sure, I suppose it must have been there somewhere underneath all the mud & water.