Crossing report 29/7/2023 : Rachel MacAleese

I had wanted to do my 7th Lyke Wake walk crossing all summer. Conditions were perfect when I reccee’d it in June however I delayed to July to fit in with someone who had asked to do it with me Frustratingly when the time came for ‘feet to face the boots ‘they decided they couldn’t do it. So, I was pleased to be finally getting going even if during the 4 weeks between my reccee and my crossing, the weather had never stopped raining. I had found a group who were also doing a crossing and was able to link up with them. Surprisingly given the weather there were quite a few people doing a crossing. We had horizontal wind and rain along the railway line … similar to being slapped in the face repeatedly with a kipper. Thankfully sunny for lunch at Rosedale head and then we pressed onwards. The boggy bit was boggy. although not as bad as we expected it to be, the stoney bit was stoney. The ‘trying to avoid tripping up ‘experience now being enhanced by also ‘trying to avoid being scratched ‘due to some self-seed Christmas trees on the path. At Wheeldale I bade farewell to my crossing buddies and pressed on. …..the lure of a hot shower and a beer drove me forward to Ravenscar … and that mast still doesn’t seem to get any closer until you are right beside it. I finished in lovely evening sunshine after 15 hours and 25 minutes. Still very much in love with doing the Lyke Wake walk, days later I am still smiling.