Crossing Report 11-12th August 2023 : Suzanne and Martin Scott


My wife Suzanne Scott wanted to do the Lyke Wake Walk, but as she had not done anything of this distance before would not have been able to do it in one go.
So to that end for our 22nd wedding anniversary I guided her around the route over two days – 11th August (our actual anniversary day), staying at the Lion Inn, Blakey and the 12th August, staying at the Raven Hall hotel, Ravenscar.



Overall her time was <24 hours on route.
Day 1 was 18.2 miles and a moving time of 6hrs 35 minutes and total day time of 8hrs 10 min
Day 2 was 23.12 miles (including the walk to the hotel after the mast) and a moving time of 8 hours 40, total day time of 10 hrs 50 min

The LWW was one of the 50 things to complete before she was 50 list (her 50th birthday is next February 2024).
It was also her 1st ever multi day hike.


Would it be possible to register her for the LWW club, as a witch?

As an aside I (Martin Scott) have personally completed the event twice in the last two years, so would like to register myself
March 24th distance 41.74 miles, moving time 15hrs 53 min moving, total time 18 hrs 15 min. Guiding a friend of my wife around the route
August 28th 2021 distance 40.91 miles, moving time 10hrs 57min , total time 11hrs 45 min – recce the route to take others around. Unsupported

Friday – good weather, no rain
Saturday – bit more mixed, with heavy showers, followed by some sun. At one point heavy shower and sun at the same time.

By the way the signing in book is now in the Ravenscar Tearooms. Only one person has signed it, since I signed it in March. Not sure if people know about it.