Lyke Wake Walk 10th July 2020

Me (Sian) and my friend Katie decided to do this walk which we managed by love of my grandparents with bacon butties and pasta at checkpoints! We laughed MOST of the way through and loved the echo of the forest near the bog shouting random things and making weird noises (don’t ask me where ) I just know it was after the best pint of my life at the Lion Inn we also possibly veered across haha). We had a few watched wees by that I mean the sheep made effort to walk over to watch! My boots… I found out a little to late were not good enough and I got some whopper blisters, they have never been soaked more and its never felt so good to have my feet in warmish salty water, mmm lovely. We started at 4AM and finished pushing midnight we didn’t know the exact time cause 1 all our electronics died before the end this included our watches :'( and 2 we were too tired to pop the prosecco never mind look at a clock! All we know is we did it and are now witches wooo!

I have attached a halfway photo because the phones died not long after that but it shows how happy that pint made us!

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Secretary’s Reply
Hi Sian,

Well done in making a few key discoveries about the Lyke Wake route !
1. The Lion Inn is the best place in the Universe ( OK, you said the best pint in your life but surely, this is the same thing? ).
2. Bacon Butties are the key to success ( In life, not just on Lyke Wake ).
3. Noticing the Strange echoes near Wheeldale plantation ( You are the first people to comment on this effect as most groups walk in total silence / misery by that point of their crossing – OK, I am aware cos I never shut up talking ………………even on solo crossings ).

I will just gloss over the bit about “peeping Tom sheep” as that is just weird and likely caused by the stress at that time of the day!
Well done in getting across and you can now call yourselves Witches! ( You are duly recorded ).
Oh, would you mind if I were to put this report ( and picture ) on the Club Website …………………… it is most unusual i ( I may even post my reply to you which I have never done before )
All the best,