Crossing Friday 19th August 2022. Dave Draper and Alun Denbury

I’m sad to say both myself Dave Draper and Alun Denbury completed the Lyke Wake Walk on the 19th August 2022.

Start time: 0344
Finish time: 1844
15hrs crossing time

The day started positively with a moonlit walk along the Cleveland way section. Lots of wildlife including owls and badgers. The beady glowing eyes of fields of sheep certainly gave some entertainment.

The sunrise was fantastic, drying the damp from the path. A quick pace was held past the Lion and onto the start of the peaty section. This is sadly where the monotony set it! Miles and miles of heather, stone and peat!

Thankfully the heather was in full bloom, the path very dry and the constant darting of lizards kept you awake!

The long drag back up to Flyingdales saw the bulk of the blisters starting! Our mood decreased… our feet sore!

Hoping, but knowing otherwise, that this climb was the last one. The site of the antenna both comforting and worrying when reached the top.

The descent to the final stream crossing was sombre! A quick stop and some sweets gave us a boost up the last sharp climb. The long slow climb to the end was the last barrier to completion! Our moods lifted and this drove our attention from the foot pain!

We thankfully reached the end post a few seconds under the 15hr mark! We were proud of our time, but couldn’t wait for our beds.

A great achievement….but a painful memory of the crossing!!!


Dave Draper and Alun Denbury