Attempt at 12 crossings in 12 months during 2013 – Status report at ¾ completion

I am still not really sure how I ended up in the position of attempting a crossing in each month of the year. I guess that no matter what age and circumstance, even one is no longer capable of running fast times or doing double crossings, there are still crazy challenges.

To date, all interesting crossings but the biggest feature has been the “interesting” crossings of Wheeldale beck in January and February – the water being fast flowing and well over the stepping stones …………and freezing. My strategy is to wade downstream of the stones using the stones as a “handrail” moving sideways gently like a crab ensuring that each foot is secure before moving on. It works well, but I would not recommend this approach on Health and Safety ground cos if one did get swept away, “it wouldn’t be good”. A similar wading incident happened in May, however, the water was much warmer and it didn’t require a blast up Simon Howe to warm up. ……………… still, the chilling has helped me reach those high notes………………….
There are times that I wish that I was a whole load taller.

The chap who crossed with me in May has since emigrated to Switzerland……….. I seem to have that effect on people.

Add other points of note here.

When the stones are under water, the safest way is to walk North along the Stape road, cross the bridge then aim towards Simon Howe.

Details to date :

Next planned crossing Early October before the weather changes!. Strategy for the rest of the year, pick the first half decent day and go for it !

Special thanks to my long suffering Julie who has been prepared to sit at the side of the road in freezing and anti-social conditions only to see a fleeting glimpse of a person who ungratefully gulped down refreshment before rapidly disappearing !