Forty Mile of the Lyke Wake Walk – Ian Harrison

Forty mile of the Lyke Wake Walk
Started off with lots of talk
Smiles and banter with people there
Totally, blissfully unaware
The ups and downs that were to come
Every step not so full of fun
Some of us strangers standing apart
But all together at the start
Willing and eager to do our best
This walk will surely be a test
Mile after mile it takes its toll
Not for the faint hearted or weary soul
Walk through the night till dawn does come
We stand and stare at the rising sun
Check point teams all set in place
To hand out food in the open space
Blisters are coming thick and fast
Hope we have the strength to last
Try to find a comforting seat
Somewhere to rest and talc our feet
Not too long and off again
Lucky for us no sign of rain
One last hill steeper than the first
Plenty of water to quench our thirst
The last two mile a living hell
Don’t think my feet will ever be well
Over the top and see the stone
Now we’re really in the zone
It’s all over feeling so proud
Can’t wait for the next to come around


September 2012