Solo Crossing Mon 5th July2021. Rob Clark

I’d like to report a very long overdue 1st (maybe last!) crossing of the LWW. This route had been at the top of my list for a good couple of years and the fact that I live as far away as MALTON leaves me with no excuse to why I’m only just taking up the challenge. Nevertheless, with time on my hands and a burning desire I decided Mon 5th July would be the day.

I started at the LWW stone outside Osmotherley at 18:04 in glorious weather and was delighted to pick up the familiar Cleveland Way trail just a few steps in.













Having walked this 10/11 mile section before, it was great to see a wealth of wildlife appear due to the lack of traffic around at this time. Bumping only into a farmer at the top of Lordstones who seemed quite taken aback at the challenge and was probably glad he wasn’t me at that moment in time. As I reached Bloworth Crossing the sun was now shining somewhere over the Americas and the night shift set in.

An expectedly uneventful journey past High Blakeley Moor and onto The Lion Inn took me past midnight and into Tues 6th. Having had limited time hiking in the dead of night, particularly alone, there was a mixture of eeriness and peacefulness. But definitely a unique experience.

As if somebody had flicked a switch, the rain started at the 20 mile point and didn’t stop until Ravenscar.

The going up to Blue Man Ith Moss was knee deep in places and disorientation kicked in at least a couple of times. Many a different species of frog/toads to be seen here at this time.

Dawn came as I reached the Wheeldale Plantation and so did the fatigue. Convincing myself that a mound of rocks was actually a herd of deer egging me into the final 10 miles. This definitely raised a smile and intrigued me to what else I might ‘see’.

I took 15 minutes shelter under a precariously balanced rock for some food and respite before tackling the route over the NYMR and past Flyingdales. As I stood admiring Lilla Cross, I foolishly thought that the hard graft was done.

I can imagine my heart sank just as much as everyone else on their first crossing when the Down-Up onto Jugger Howe Moor came into sight. With 37 miles already in the legs, it was a determined effort up the steepest climb this side of midnight and that was seemingly the slingshot I needed onto Ravenscar. Blessed with parting clouds, blinding sun and a great view over Robin Hood’s Bay as I passed the LWW stone at 09:27. 15hrs 23mins.

After much needed refreshments at the National Trust Centre I was thrilled to hop onto the Scarborough bus and start the almost FOUR hour journey back into Osmotherley.

Many Thanks,