Successful Crossing 6.8.15

The activities in question relate to a group of individuals who like to style themselves “The Bensons”. They are already well-known to the authorities, and have made a particular nuisance of themselves in the Midlands. The gang hierarchy is not clear, but Maggie is thought to be the Matriarch, with Mark acting as her enforcer, and Sarah, Sam and Charlie carrying out a variety of shady activities without heeding the consequences. They have a canine accomplice, Annie, who resembles in all respects a Border Collie, although the Bensons have let it be known that when she grows up she will be a Rottweiler. She seems to function as some kind of minder for the group.

On the night in question, the Bensons appeared in Osmotherley just before 01:00 hours in the morning. They abandoned their vehicle in the carpark, and just before 01:15, after some furtive clustering around the Lyke Wake Stone, they crept off in a northerly direction.

They must have veered to the East, as they were next spotted high up on the ridge of the Cleveland Hills. They paused several times at vantage points, and seemed to be taking photographs of the Teeside lights. Whist still on this high ridge, they paused to take in the rising sun. Whether this has some sort of ritualistic basis for the Bensons is open to question.

The group continued generally eastwards, but swung to the south, possibly because the early morning was chilly and slightly misty on the high ground, and they then seemed intent on following the course of an abandoned railway track, causing a deal of perturbation to the red grouse concentrated in that area.

In the proximity of the Lion Inn the Bensons made use of the road, moving quickly northwards then westwards. This was out of character for this group, who generally moved across roads quickly and covertly, making no contact with any vehicles or motorists, presumably to avoid detection. This was borne out by their suddenly leaving the road once more, presumably spooked by a passing car, and pushing eastwards, avoiding any confrontation with the Yorkshire Constabulary. Hellbent on their nefarious activity they even cut across an extensive bog: I think we can be sure that it was not for the purposes of admiring the swathes of cotton grass !

Although by lunchtime the weather had become very bright and sunny, the group remained largely undetected until, having traversed much further to the east, they approached the MOD establishment on Flyingdales Moor. Perhaps this location is of significance? In any case, the MOD were on high alert, and of course will receive a full report in due course. The Bensons, however, then veered to the north, moving at a slower pace now, but still resolute in their endeavour, and almost herded by their minder, Annie.

At 20:00 the Bensons were spotted, clustered around the Lyke Wake stone near the mast at Beacon Howes, Ravenscar. They were smiling grimly, and exuded an air of achievement, as though they had accomplished some deed of great significance for them. We do not yet know the nature of this deed. The Matriarch, Maggie Benson did make reference to her August 6th birthday, and related this activity in some way to the inception of the Lyke Wake Walk, but her claim that this was her 21st birthday (again) were easily refuted by the fact that two of the other Bensons were born in the mid-80s !

Given what we know of the Bensons, I suspect that this episode may lead to further activities on their part, and I am concerned that you, and the public in general, need to be made aware of this.

TimothyBee August 2015