A Tantalising View

Dear LWW Club,

On Saturday 24-Jun-23 we set off from the YHA in Osmotherley at 0400 hrs.

David Shaw, Sarah Cantwell, Duncan Nicholas, Lauren Brodie, Michelle Brodie and Nancy Homer. (Manchester, Midlands, West Sussex)

I was confident that we would complete the crossing and be in Ravenscar in 14 – 15 hours time. We had amazing overcast moody skies for the first half of the walk and we made it to the pub in 8 hours. We  took the opportunity to refill our water bags and bottles and headed inside for a much needed cold drink. We stopped for about 30 minutes at the pub, where we talked to some friendly locals who wished us well.

The weather in the afternoon was relentless, with little cloud cover and the sun on our backs our hopes of speeding up for the 2nd half were dashed. The early warning radar station felt like it was moving further away with every step and it was a relief to dip our feet in the cooling waters of Wheeldale Beck before powering up the hill to the stone circle and some shade behind the stones.

The leg between the A169 to A171 and the finish was breath-taking and with the sun going down behind us and to the left, Lilla Cross gave us a tantalising view of the mast near the end.

We were on our feet for a little over 19 hours, moving time 15 ½  hours. A very long day, but what a huge sense of achievement.

Best wishes,