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Gerry Orchard

Gerry Orchard writes:

“Many times people have asked me how many Lyke Wake crossings I have done – I have to give the same old answer…………… I don’t actually know. I know it is well over 160 and possibly as high as 200.

Up to 8th November 1986 when I completed my 110th crossing, a precise log of each crossing was maintained, numbered and tidied away in an album. Since the formation of the New Club in 2004, I have once again been systemised, carefully logging each crossing.

In-between these dates, numerous crossings were made condolences cards for some crossings together with a few logs filed, however, many crossings have been “lost” as a result of house moves and general carelessness! Sure, I keep “turning up” cards and logs, however, it is a slow process.

What I request is that anybody who crossed with me between these dates kindly gets in contact with me through the website and provide me with details of times and dates. That way, I will ultimately be able to honestly and accurately answer the question…………how many crossings I have completed.

Many thanks,

Traced Crossings between End 1986 and 2004 ( Lots Missing )

DateDirectionHave logTime
21/11/1986W - EY11:42
09/12/1986W - EY22:35
27/12/1986W - EY12:57
11/07/1987E - WN05:43
01/08/1987W - EY ?
12/12/1987W - EY05:39
15/05/1988W - EY12:05
09/07/1988E - WN05:35
08/07/1989E - WN05:30
30/07/1989E - WY21:26
31/12/1989E - WY14:25
10/03/1990W - EY06:38
07/07/1990E - WN06:26
13/07/1991E - WN06:18
11/07/1992E - WN05:34
19/09/1992W - EY11:33
10/07/1993E - WN05:31
09/07/1994E - WN06:18
02/08/1997W - EY07:40
03/05/1998E - WN ?

Last update: 23rd December 2012

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