Crossing from 1968.

I  would  like  to  register  with  you  my  Walk  details.

My  card  reads  

 Mr  T  Bannister, crossing  24  February  1968, time  17 Hrs  20  mins,  west  to  east,  issued  by  The  Chief  Dirger Potto  Hill,  Swainby,  Northallerton.
“Condolences  on  your  crossing” 
…..are offered on the  card!

PS  I  am  now  76  yrs  of  age  and  have  hung  up  my  long distance  walking  boots! However  I  can  still  remember  my  walk.  6  of  us started  out,  only  4  finished and  there  was  snow  up  on  Fylingdales,  by the  RAF  station.

I  had  to carry  a companion  for  the  last  half  mile  or so because  he’d  collapsed. I knew  that  if  I  didn’t  make  the  last  bit  then  both  of  us  would  probably  have  perished  in  the  dark,  so  I  was  assuredly  motivated!

No  mobile  phones nor  nanny rescuers around then!


Tony  Bannister

One Response to “Crossing from 1968.”

  1. Ian Evans says:

    Hi Tony

    I think the New Lyke Wake Club are trying to get details of as many people who crossed the LWW in days of yore because a lot of the old records have been lost. I think they would be very interested to have the names of your companions with a note of which ones were successful. I first crossed in 1971 (4 times that year!). I stopped dirging when I got married in 1981 & have after a 30-odd year lapse started again in 2014 ( ) – that relapse has led to me doing 19 crossings in the last 3 yrs! (Daft or what?). A friend of mine crossed on his 70th birthday in 2015! and in that year Bill Dell one of the original dirgers from 1955 did the LWWalk twice (at least 75 years young at the time!).