09th July 2022. Double Crossing on Race Day. Neil Brown

Myself and a friend George Cambell ( he was a friend until I talked him in to accompany me on a double crossing !!!!!!!!) ,parked in the village centre walked to the start point and set of for the finish trig point / mast and completed the first crossing15hrs 45 min ( which was in one go ) then we set off again to spend the night at the campsite behind the Flask Inn , after good nights sleep we set of to spend the night at the Lion inn and completed the crossing the next day and back to the car , a return time of approx 15 hrs Inc stoppages, both crossings were unsupported and backpacking with camping gear .
Regards Neil

Swept Along by the Lyke Wake Challenge! 09th July 2022.

I’d like to report a successful crossing of the Lyke Wake walk by my boyfriend (Amir Arjandi) and myself (Mary Flynn) on Saturday July 9th ?

No Pain at all ……………yet!

Making full use of Natural Resources. Good plan!

Praying to be left on the route under pile of stones?

We set off refreshed from Osmotherley at 3:45am and finished at/crawled in to Ravenscar at 10:45pm completing it in 19hrs.

We’d like to join the club please ?

It was a really wonderful experience if a little difficult at the end ??

The end is in sight

we were grateful for the good weather, although fully prepared with our rain gear too which slowed us down considerably!…………I suspect the runners felt sorry for us with our big packs on 🙂

After finishing, I can’t believe anyone could run it! Very well done to everyone who was out that day ??

The Trig Point at last …………….

Thanks for recording our crossing.

It would be an honour to have a mention on the website, thanks very much 🙂

Please can you also pass our thanks along to a couple of people who helped us out along the way? There was a lovely gentleman taking part in the run who set us off on the right track at Osmotherley, and another great guy who enabled us to finish by kindly giving us water at the last check point when we hadn’t any left! He really saved the day and we’re extremely grateful ?

Many Thanks


Liquid Refreshments Before, During, After

I wanted to report that myself Jamie Copeland, Tom Gillespie and Luke Elton from Durham successfully completed the LWW from West to East on Saturday 2nd June at 7.45 approx. The LWW was an idea presented to us by mine and Luke’s dads who did it back in the day and we felt obliged to carry on the tradition and of course beat their time.

After arriving on Friday and staying at the Three Tuns Osmotherley and enjoying a nerve resting few pints, we set our alarms for a dreaded 3.30 wake up call. We signed the book on the way out, and were on the road for 4.45 with the weather and spirits looking positive.

All 3 of us started in good spirits and made progress throughout the initial section and soaked up the views. Up and down the hills and up some tough elevation coupled with some aggressive rain didn’t even dampen our spirits. We hit the Wainstones, up towards Round Hill and then plodded on towards the Lion Inn. Just before arriving we got absolutely drenched but this was made better by a coffee and also a whisky shot at the pub to dry off and warm up.

We set off from the Lion Inn shortly after, with the sun high in the sky as we got our second wind with just over half way to go. We plodded through the terrain and bogs which did seem like an absolute eternity as the horizon got slowly closer. As we hit the railway crossing, we plastered up and regrouped, and then we really had to grind it out and grit our teeth to push through the final stretch. As we spotted the pylon it give us an extra boost, although it didn’t seem to get any smaller for hours. Sun was out and it was lovely conditions towards the end, which helped us power through as we hit the final, final leg. The pylon finally in sight as we cursed under our breath – we had made it.

At the end we hit the ground, and the thrill of finishing this epic challenge was overwhelming and a great sense of achievement for us all. We drove back to the hotel room (with legs not in fully working order), ordered vast amounts of food and celebrated with a well-deserved beer. A fantastic walk and a challenge like none of us have ever experienced before, where we really needed to be on our game mentally and physically.
Officially elapsed finish time: 14 hours 52 mins

Mirages, Mud, Fish & Chips

Weather: blustery rain and westerly stong wind in the morning. Sunshine in later afternoon.

Dirgers: Matt Graves, Emma Graves, Alison Morris,  Simon Morris.

Support Team: Luke Morris, Hannah Divall.

Start time: 04:59.

Finish time: 20:56

We had our plan and after touching the start stone we set off up the road with good humour in light blustery rain.

Checkpoint 1 came quickly and we made use of the facilities before heading up Cringle Moor to be met by a heavy vertical rain shower! The next segment over three three hills was wet and blustery and all of us were looking forward to a cup of tea at CP2, which only came after one more hill climb appeared out of nowhere :-(. Hannah and Luke were waiting for us with welcome bacon rolls and soon we were on our way again.

The weather subsided and we were up Round Hill and down onto the old railway line without much moaning. There we met quite a lot of charity walkers coming the opposite way, which helped our spirits. Also passing a group of folks from the USA who commented on the British weather as the heavens opened again!

At Sweet Banks we took the route across Flat Howe instead of going via the Lion Inn. The path here was not well trodden and we slowed a bit as we waded through heather and bog.

CP3 was reached at Ralph Cross and we had more sustenance and changes of socks.

Walking down the road to start the boggy section we saw many cyclists taking part in an event as it started to rain again!

Though the bog with futile attempts to avoid sinking beyond our ankles and inevitable wet feet…. On and on in an Eastern direction, eventually reaching the road at Bluewath Beck and more tea and sandwiches, and an extended stop of 30 min. Feet staring to hurt now.

Through White Moor and a brief stop at Blue Man-i th Moss to wonder. Then amazingly like a mirage the radar building at Fylingdales came into sight and seemed to get no closer for hours! Much joking and discussion about the mirage kept time at bay! But back to reality and now we were feeling the distance in our sore feet and leg bones! More complaining!

Successfully went across the river stepping stones but not the deep mud/bog on the other side! Railway crossing and CP5 led to more tea and tape applied to painful feet! Our spirits were lifted by the notion that there was only 8 miles to go!

We trudged on… feet now getting very painful and one of us getting blisters in this last section. The radio tower was in sight but like the previous mirage didn’t seem to get any closer! Very very happy to reach the finish, not before Simon took a detour to the trig-point to continue his newly found hobby of photographing them because “they all have different markings”.

Fish and chips in Whitby finish off the day nicely!