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The New Lyke Wake Club badge



Lincolnshire Wake Saturday 9th November 2019, Ye Olde WoolPack Inne, Wainfleet

An engloomed gathering of the Lyke Wake multitudes took place at Ye Olde WoolePacke Inne, Wainfleet All Saints, Lincolnshire for a most horrendous Halloween Plus 9 Wake – ‘The Extraterrestrial’. In addition to the nutritional ordeal of the Funeral Repast, the congregation endured, nay suffered, various additional antics & contortions including:

Some evidence for the prosecution is contained in the gallery of photographs.

Halloween Order of Service

Invitation Menu Order of service The Fate of all Dirgers Assorted Prizes Wake Sweeties No crossing should be with one! Eating in full swing Witches and Dirgers at Presentation on Antarctica Far Too Much Mirth Far too Happy for a Wake Dirger and Semi-Dirger Ian and Matthew Evans Evans Family Representation on show! Surprise Lyke Wake Competition Firing Squad, Take Aim ................. ‘Pass the Coffin’ Ian Sticking the Boot in............... Witches Best Dressed Witch Competition More Best Dressed Witches Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue

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Last update: 20th December 2019

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