The New Lyke Wake Club badge
The New Lyke Wake Club badge


The MAY 2012 WAKE


Saturday 12th May saw the first Wake this year which was held at a new venue for us, Swan House, which is just off the A19 about 5 miles north of Osmotherley. This change of venue was occasioned because the Lord Stones Café is in the process of being sold by John Simpson, who set it up back goodness how long ago.

A fuller report is below, and here is a gallery of photographs taken that evening.

Wake. 12th May 2012 @ 21:05pm

The Dirge
A shortened version of the Dirge was sung.

The Loyal toast
To Edward II and the Lady of the Manor of Goathland.

Chief Dirger
A toast to the Memory of the Chief Dirger.

Chairman’s Report
Brian was away so Gerry passed on his apologies.

Secretary’s Report
The wake now had a new venue, and a round of applause was given to Christine & Jonathan for their support.

2011 had seen a slight drop in crossings with 449 recorded crossings compared to 698 in 2010, and 675 in 2009. There were 53 orders processed so far this year which was a good start given the weather, and 2 people present had crossed today.

The club had received some good crossing reports, and it was hoped that some of these could be put on the website. There is an old book called Lyke Wake Lamentations and there was a discussion regarding the production of a similar booklet or web presence for such good reports. One report and one lament were read out.

In Brian’s absence Trevor had kindly brought some merchandise along for sale.

Treasurers Report
The Treasurer noted that the club had made £700.00 in merchandise sales and was still trying to find ways of awarding this to good causes connected in some way to the Lyke Wake. There were no takers yet and everyone was asked to encourage any youngsters who might have a suitable reason to apply for some funding.

The North York Moors National Park are celebrating their 60th anniversary and are organising a competition for primary school children to write an essay on a place name found on an Ordnance Ssurvey map within the park. It was felt that this was something the founder Bill Cowley would have approved of considering his interest and expertise in old Yorkshire dialect and place names. As such it was agreed that the NLWC could sponsor the prizes, and would in return gain some publicity.

Election of Officers
The Committee was elected unopposed.

Degree Ceremony
Julie Bushell was awarded her badge for Past Mistress having completed 15 crossings and services to the club.

Any Other Business
A round of applause was given to John Griffin in his absence for providing funds for a free drink for all, and GO agreed to write to him and express our thanks.

There may be a Lyke Wake Exhibition either later this year, or next year at the Ryedale Folk Museum in Hutton Le Hole.

The Osmotherley Youth Hostel has now been sold to the Hill family who run the Cote Ghyll Caravan and Camping Site next door.

It was unanimously agreed that the venue had been ideal for the wake. The hosts were most helpful in arranging accommodation on site, the food excellent and the one large table made a great atmosphere. As such it was agreed to hold the next wake in May 2013 at Swan House.

The Dirge
The Dirge was sung in a higher note than earlier by request.

Fixing the Date of Our Annual General Meeting
The AGM is to be held on Saturday 11th May 2013 before the next Wake. The venue will be Swan House Bed & Breakfast, Trenholme Bar, Northallerton.

Report compiled by Julie Bushell

Gathering Witches, Dirgers and Spirits Dirgers Making their Point Hearty Eating Julie Bushell receiving her “Past Mistress” award from Treasurer David Gordon Assembled Guests “Witch” Newman showing her secrets More Dirgers and Witches Up side down sauce bottles

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