The Annual Wake – Degrees and Dress Code

An Annual Wake is held. Persons attending a Wake are expected to dress with appropriate funereal solemnity. Neckbands, black for Master or Mistress; purple for Doctor are worn. Degrees may be conferred, after inquisition, on candidates who comply with the following: –

Master, or Mistress of Misery. Complete three crossings, one in the reverse direction.

Doctor of Dolefulness. Complete four more crossings. The total seven crossings to include an unsupported crossing and a winter crossing (between 1st December and 29th February). Also to present a Doctoral Thesis on a learned and relevant subject.

Past Master, or Past Mistress. Complete fifteen crossings and perform services to the club recognised as exceptional by the Council.

At wakes the dress code ( optional – but great fun if people ‘act the part’ ) will be traditional Lyke Wake ‘mourning’, funeral gear, witches robes or similar. A good old Lyke Wake evening of gloom will be a certainty, well perhaps not. People are most welcome to sing on these occasions – so long as a “morbid” time is had by all.