22 March 2024

Lyke Wake Poem by Roger Brook

We are extremely privileged to have permission to share a wonderful poem about the Lyke Wake Walk. You can view it here.

Roger writes:.

My books were all published as a limited number hard backs and I have not put anything online.
I completed my LWW’s between 1965 and about 1973. My slowest was the first one, an east to west winter crossing in about 18 hours. The quickest was about 9 hours, a steady jog which helped develop my interest in fell running. I was fortunate to attend one of the Wakes at Osmotherley, which was a very interesting event! I also recall using the old outdoor pool at the Ravenscar Hotel to ease the stiffness after a couple of hot crossings.

01 Feb 2024

The 2024 Wake

To my esteemed Dirgers and Witches

It gives me great (dis)pleasure to confirm that the 2024 Wake will be hosted on Saturday, 16th March, 2024.

We are delighted to confirm the Wake will once again take place at the Raven Hall Hotel in Ravenscar, which was the setting for last year’s most mournful gathering after many years away.

The Raven Hall Hotel is a fabulous venue in stunning surroundings and is, of course, the traditional end point of the Lyke Wake Walk as was first suggested by Bill Cowley in 1955.

Tickets for the 2024 Wake will cost £37.00 per person, which will provide a three course meal and attendance of this most grimly of gatherings. For those requiring just a two course meal, the price will be £28.00 per person. We will have sole and exclusive use of the Viking Suite for the duration of the evening.

For those wishing to attend, a deposit of £10 per person is to be paid absolutely no later than 31st January 2024, so your early confirmation of attendance would be hugely appreciated. We would be most grateful if you would RSVP to The remaining balance will be payable at the Hotel on the evening.

Rooms are available at the Raven Hall Hotel and may be booked through their website: – a discount will be extended to those attending the Wake.

As per usual order of events, persons attending a Wake are expected to dress with appropriate funereal solemnity. Neckbands, black for Master or Mistress; purple for Doctor are worn.

Degrees may be conferred, after inquisition, on candidates who comply with the following:

Master, or Mistress of Misery. Complete three crossings, one in the reverse direction.
Doctor of Dolefulness. Complete four more crossings. The total seven crossings to include an unsupported crossing and a winter crossing (between 1st December and 29th February). Also to present a Doctoral Thesis on a learned and relevant subject.
Past Master, or Past Mistress. Complete fifteen crossings and perform services to the club recognised as exceptional by the Council.

03 Dec 2023

In Her Nature

Trail runner, hiker, climbing, camping and mountaineer enthusiast Rachel Hewitt has published her new book entitled In Her Nature. It is a personal memoir of how the great outdoors helped her in the midst of grief. It’s almost entirely set in Yorkshire, and a large part of it revolves around routes on or near the Lyke Wake Walk. There’s a whole chapter dedicated to the LWW route, and its history and mythology.
To read more, the book is available as a hardback, audiobook and Kindle. It can be found on Amazon here.
You can read a taster from the book in this extract which was published in The Observer.