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Unsupported Crossing : 22nd July 2018

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

My sister and I took on the LWW at the weekend meeting up for a girlie weekend away. Here’s our report!

Our Lyke Wake Walk in stats (aka. The Walk Mostly Fuelled by Hula Hoops and Sheer Bloody Mindedness).

Crossing date: 22nd July 2018
Number attempting and completing: 2 humans (sisters) and 1 dog (Milly)… unsupported.
Forecast temperature: high of 21 degrees C (never, ever trust the forecast).
Actual lowest temperature: 22 degrees C (early morning and evening).
Actual highest temperature: 27 degrees C (most of the day, in fact it felt like the whole day).
Breeze: non-existent (although there were fleeting moments of hope).
Number of times we were relieved we’d packed our waterproofs: minus 10
Litres of factor 50 required: Oh a lot (we’ll both burn to a crisp at the slightest sign of sun).
Litres of water: started with 6, re-filled at The Lion Inn where we stopped for a bite to eat and some fizzy pop! Milly drank from streams where they weren’t dried out. For the last 10 miles we were rationing to make sure she had plenty (everything was dried out).
Number of bags of Hula Hoops consumed: 6.
Number of jelly beans consumed: at least 1000.
Number of Druid’s seen rambling about: 1 !!!???!!!
Number of other people seen walking on the route: 7 in total!!??!
Number of times calling a taxi was discussed: lost count.
Number of blisters: 3 little ones at the mid-way point, 4 at the end (basically 4 big foot shaped blisters and yep our boots were well worn in and do fit properly).
Number of times we were relieved we had an OS map, compass, GPS and that one of us was a member of Search and Rescue: many, very, very many.
Time walking: 14 hrs 25 mins
Number of miles walked: 42 (plus a bit to get back to base) for humans, probably twice that for Milly!
Number of sunsets watched post walk with prosecco: 1.
Preparation the night before: 1 DIY spa facial and Pimms, 3 course meal and 10pm to sleep. The facial really, really helped!?!
Number of calories burned during the walk: 6000.
Number of calories consumed after the walk: quite a lot more than 6000.
Number of sore, slightly broken (but chuffed) people at the end: 2
Number of sore, slightly broken dogs at the end: 0

If we were doing it again we’d be tempted to stash some supplies at a couple of the later checkpoints!

Best wishes,

Joanne(Northumberland), Angela (Cornwall)


……………………………………………………………….They defied the Eagle Owl !

3/4 on 2nd July and a Crossing on 16th July 2018 !

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

I first heard about the Lyke Wake Walk about eight weeks ago when we had some guests staying in our holiday let and they had walked it at some time. My sisters and I had already arranged to walk the Yorkshire three peaks on Tuesday 19th June but there was something about the LWW that kept calling to me. I spoke to one of my sisters about it and she said she was up for it, and we arranged to drive up to Yorkshire on Sunday 1st July and start the walk at 2.15am on 2nd July. We got together as much information as possible including the book written by Brian Smailes. We began our journey at the allotted time each carrying 4ltres of fluid, rain gear,2 spare pairs of socks, talc, plasters, food, scarf, gloves and a foil blanket . We went prepared for all kinds of weather. Our journey began quite well until we reached Scarth Wood Moor where we became quite confused. After about half an hour going this way and that way we decided to turn right and descend down the track to the cattle grid. YIPPEEEE. From there on it went reasonably smoothly even though we spent time making sure we were heading in the right direction. It all went badly wrong when we got to check point 5. We walked across the bridge as directed and up Ella Beck to the top of the field where we were directed to turn right but then found another passage which told us about a permissive route. We finally got onto this route. We were so pleased. We walked along the track to and from the RAF site until we saw a track saying Robin Hood Bay. As we weren’t sure we walked past this footpath. We met a man on his bicycle and decided to ask the way. He said we should have taken the track which said Robins Hood Bay but be careful not to take the right hand fork. We continued down this track for about an hour. It was very uneven. We decided that we had gone wrong. We could see the clouds getting lower and fog coming in. It was now about 8.30 in the evening. We started cutting across country to our left. We were getting concerned and delighted when we heard a car in the far distance, but even more delighted when we saw the headlights, this made us motor on. We finally reached the road at 9.30pm and we flagged a car down. We were so lucky a very kind young couple. He got out and helped us off with our ruck sacks and put them in the boot of his car. We got in and they drove us to Ravens Hall hotel where we were staying. We enjoyed a bath, a pint of beer and a couple of bags of crisps. We went out like a light. We enjoyed breakfast and then went off to find the end of the LWW. It was such a shame that the last bit of the walk went wrong as we had done so well.
Because of the situation I needed to satisfy myself by doing this challenge again. So, on Sunday 15th July 2018 my husband drove me up to Osmotherley. We left Rye in East Sussex at 9pm and arrived in Osmotherley at 2.45 am. I set off on my own at 3am with 4 litres of fluid, food for the whole journey, wet weather gear, 2 pairs of spare socks and talc, scarf gloves. I set off at 3am with a head lamp on, as I reached the first summit I saw there were other hikers with headlamps on. I was quite pleased that I would not be on my own. As I carried on the other hikers went off in another direction and disappeared. I thought nothing more of it until the headlamps popped up again and I realised they were the eyes of the sheep. I had a little titter to myself and carried on with my journey. I arrived at check point 1 at 05.10 feeling fine. All going to plan. Reached check point 2 at 06.40. On with my journey. Reached check point 3 after the long gruelling train track at 9.50. Check point 4 I arrived at 12.10. Sat and guzzled water and had another jam sandwich and started walking banana in hand.
I enjoyed this part of the journey, I had done over half way and felt pretty good. By the time I reached check point 5 I was feeling a bit fatigued. I changed my socks here and gave them a sprinkle of powder. Off I set on my journey. I reached the top of Eller Beck and turned left onto the gravel track to the end where there is a gate. walking straight across the track to a continuing path to Lilla Howe. From then on it was all plain sailing or walking. I reached check point 6 at 5.30pm and continued on to check point 7 arriving at 6pm. My husband was at each check point( except 4 as he couldn’t find it ) just to make sure I was ok. On reaching the hotel discovered that our room did not have a bath. I almost cried, my poor feet needed a good soak. They very kindly found another room for us with a bath. After a long lingering bath a pint of beer and 2 bags of crisps I fell straight off to sleep. I would recommend this walk and would enjoy the challenge again in the future.
After reading the LWW book I feel I deserve to be a witch and have a LWW badge. I also feel that my sister who walked with me the first time also deserves some acknowledgement. Please could you put this to the LWW club and see what they say as we walked extra miles by going wrong.
My name is Jackie Parsons I am 62 years old and have thoroughly enjoyed walking the Lyke Wake Walk.